Professional & creative stand construction

DCRT has extensive experience in developing and building exhibition stands from 4 m2 to 400 m2. We promise to take care of the stand from A-Z so that you can focus on your visitors. Our creativity and your brand experience wishes make unique trade fair concepts.

In recent years, DCRT, as a stand builder, has been able to help many companies make their exhibition participation a success. We do this by translating the wishes and objectives of the exhibition participation into a suitable stand construction concept. We delve into your brand values and let the proposal fit the desired budget. Quality does not always have to be expensive.

“Stand out”

Trade show participants do their utmost to stand out, which means that you have to excel! We like to take a seat behind the drawing board for a creative exhibition concept. This can range from an 80s living room look & feel with original props to futuristic sleek white stands with curved LED walls and technological highlights. And want to go up in height with multiple floors? No wish is too crazy for us.

Slimstock op Eurocis

Acquaintance and brainstorm session

We gladly visit you to get acquainted. During our visit, we’ll discuss our method and your target for the exhibition participation. What are your wishes, what is the brand identity of your company? Do you wish to use the stand once or multiple times? We gather as much information during this open conversation as possible, so we can make you a first stand design.


Are you interested in an exhibition stand built by DCRT? Then we would like to visit you for an introduction and brainstorming session. We process the exhibition concept in a 3D drawing so that you can literally take a look at the stand. Of course, there is a wide possibility to give feedback, with which we create the final design.


Initial proposal and quotation

We start immediately after our first introduction and brainstorm session about your stand construction concept. DCRT always strives to present a first proposal after 7 days. We create a (3D) drawing from the stand and show this to you in a visual presentation. This way you can see the stand from all sides. You Will receive the quotation together with this presentation.

Modular stand construction

Do you want to use the stand multiple times? Then opt for a fair trade concept with a modular structure. This means that you use the stand in its entirety or in parts. The position remains in optimum condition. After the exhibition, we package the stand for transport to our warehouse. Here we can take care of maintenance and save the stand, ready for the next event.

Oma BoBs Horecava

Discussing the stand construction proposal

We’ll call you after receiving the proposal to discuss it. Do you prefer a face-to-face conversation at your office? In this case we gladly visit you. We discuss the entire stand construction plan and we adapt it to new insights and ideas.


Our work goes beyond the Dutch border. Are you soon taking part in a trade show or event at home or abroad? We are more than willing to work for you as your professional and creative stand builder!

Intertraffic 2018

Final design

We’ll send you a revised proposal a few days after the meeting. This proposal includes any adjustments. You’ll receive a confirmation when you agree to the proposal. We will then get started with the production planning.

Completely careless

We switch 1 on 1 with the exhibition organizer, so that all necessary facilities are available. Consider, for example, a water connection, internet, electricity or possible hanging points. We take care of all requests. We can even arrange the transport of your exhibition materials. Your exhibition staff only has to take a seat in the stand.

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Guidance until, during and after your exhibition participation

When the planning is complete and we have received the contracts, we’ll guide you during the entire stand construction process. We take care of the applications that are required for your participation. For example a water connection, internet, electricity, possible hanging points etc. We can also arrange transportation of the materials you need in your stand. We will discuss this together.

Furniture & decoration

DCRT is a creative one-stop shop for stand construction. We combine custom stand construction with our furniture lines and decorative materials.

Stand construction

Building your exhibition stand

When the planning is complete and the applications have been made, we’ll start building your exhibition stand. We’ll make and produce your product in our workshop. While building the exhibition stand, we’ll make sure you can easily assemble and disassemble the stand. You can use the stand multiple times through modular construction.


DCRT attaches great importance to long-term cooperation. After the fair, we would like to speak to you for an evaluation and any plans for a subsequent partnership. Are you curious about whom else we work with?

Standbouw Zacapa

After your exhibition participation

We will disassemble your stand the moment the exhibition ends. If you wish, we’ll assist you with cleaning your stand. During dismantling, the stand is neatly packaged and prepared for transport back to our warehouse. If you want, we can store the stand there for you until the next event. We also take care of the maintenance of the exhibition stand, so it remains neat.



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